Best Slim Watch 2021 [Expert Recommendations For Every Budget]

Are you looking for the best slim watch 2021? you’re at the right place.

Watches – Gone are the days when they only used to tell the time. Today they have taken on a completely new Avatar, so to speak. Yes, they are referred to now as smartwatches with more extraordinary & unique features.

In fact, their purpose & role changed, but their shape also has undergone a huge transformation. The slimmer, the better. So now there is a demand for the slim watch.

However, there is no discount or leeway given for the number of features available in the best slim watch. For Example, the perfect watch should also have great & noteworthy features.

In short, no longer is the watch telling you the time. It has now become an intelligent timepiece and almost functions as a smartphone. But having these heavy-duty apps installed on the watch will not make it big and bulky.

The latest & outstanding sleek watches are lightweight and not all bulky. Same time they look stylish, classy, and sophisticated. So, if you are looking for a reliable smartwatch that is loaded with features and, at the same time, is sleek ultra-modern, then this article is worth reading further down.

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Best Slim Watches 2021 [Ultimate Reviews & Buyers Guide]

Review 1

1. Casio Classic Quartz Stainless Steel Watch (A700w-1acf)

  • Retro modern look
  • 1980s design.
  • Sturdy and stylish.
  • Extremely affordable with many features.
  • Slim, light, and durable.

This model makes it to the top of the list mainly because of its retro-modern look. The design is of the 1980s look. It will appeal to the classic Casio Square lovers. This watch had a stainless-steel case and a bracelet.

Regarding its specifications, it measures around 35.5mm in diameter and 6mm in thickness. Coming to the display, it is a quartz digital with a 1/100 stopwatch (60 Minutes). It has a LED backlight, date and day display, and a daily alarm feature.

This watch is sturdy and stylish, and regarding its weight, it is very light. The display, too, is worth a mention because it is more legible as the numbers are kept close to the window.

The bracelet, too, feels less wiggly because of its unique construction style. This design is very aesthetic and can be proudly worn to the office and used as daily wear.

The best thing about this watch is that it is extremely affordable despite all its extra features. Overall, it makes it to the top of the Best Slim Watch because it is light and has a vintage design look and feel to it, and yet is thoroughly modern.

The best part is that it can easily slide under the tightest of sleeves because it is slim. So, if you are a big fan of Casio, then this model of the Casio Slim watch will surely appeal to you.

It is timeless and functions reliably, and is sure to earn you a lot of compliments when you proudly display it. In short, it is a no-fuss or frills watch but an ultra-thin and every day wear comfortable timepiece, worth the price paid for.

Review 2

2. Timex Fairfield (Tw2p90800)

  • Minimal aesthetic features.
  • Simple, beautiful, go-to but loud watch.
  • Durable and rough use watch.
  • Great horology heritage.
  • Convenient to see the time seen in a very dark room.

If you are looking for a casual design with minimal aesthetic features, then this model is sure to catch your eye. In fact, youngsters will prefer this model. It has a 41 mm stainless steel case with a thickness of 8.5mm and comes in a round shape.

It has a mineral crystal dial window with a buckle clasp and brass case material. The display is analogous with Indiglo technology so that maximum visibility is provided in the darkest of conditions. It is very convenient to see the time seen in a very dark room.

The light is up by just pushing the stem. The dial consists of pristine white numberless designs and silver-toned hour markers. Many prefer the original blue and green band. However, there is a leather band with buckle closure provided.

If you are the chilled-out type, this watch is the best-suited one for your personality. Overall, this is a simple, beautiful, go-to but loud watch. The attractive feature is its versatility as it can be worn with different NATO straps.

So, you can just swap in and out of several bands. You can even use a leather band for a classy effect and earn a lot of compliments in return. In fact, those with skinny wrists can also wear this in style, and it will not look ridiculous.

The clean white face is elegant in design so that it can be worn for business as well as for casual use. To put it in other words, it goes well with multiple outfits. But mostly, it gels well with short sleeves as the big face is sure to catch all the attention and praise.

If you are looking for a durable and rough use watch, this model is most ideal. The Timex watch comes with a great horology heritage and yet at the same is not expensive at all.

Review 3

3. Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Watch (H38511553)

  • Elegant and reliable.
  • Very high Swiss Quartz movements.
  • Brushed up, polished stainless-steel case with a screw-in case back.
  • Tasteful features are that it has excellent radial engraving.
  • Durable and affordable.

Hamilton brand is one of the leading watchmakers in the world. Their proven reputation is for creating elegant and reliable timepieces. The design is more concentrated on being traditional and, at the same time, be pleasing aesthetically.

The features are all put into a 7mm thick stainless steel case, with 42mm as diameter. It has very high Swiss Quartz movements with a white dial inside the sapphire crystal window. This model employs the anti-glare finish, thereby giving excellent legibility.

Be it daylight or low light areas, the silver-tone hands and markers with a luminous finish work well in all types of environments. One of the extra features is a date display, which is kept at the bottom.

It comes in a round case with luminous hands and a pin buckle. To summarise, the model is a brushed up, polished stainless-steel case with a screw-in case back. It has a silver dial silver-tone applied Arabic numerals and a Silverstone luminescent hands.

In short, it is a beautiful chameleon watch face that is also a good-looking watch. When outdoors, it has a silvery light champagne color, and when taken indoors, it takes on a very slight gold tone.

The tasteful features are that it has excellent radial engraving. This makes the light to play off the surface of the watch face. So, it is very legible to see in all types of light.

Since the date window is placed at the bottom of 6 instead of 3, it adds a sort of subtlety. This model is ideal for those with thin or medium wrists. Also, if you are looking to wear it under a dress shirt, then this slim watch is ideal.

Though initially, it looks like a dress watch, just changing the band to a leather one will give it a sporty and casual feel. In short, the unique size that is 42mm but only 7mm thick is its main appeal, and so is a classic one with the 1950s feel to it.

Review 4

4. Stuhrling Original Dress Analog Watch (3997z)

  • Beautiful designs at affordable prices.
  • Ultra-thin watch range.
  • High-precision Japanese quartz movement.
  • Right balance between sleek and striking.
  • Model can easily fit into the category of fashion.

Stuhrling is famous for giving beautiful designs at affordable prices. This model has made a ticking entry into the ultra-thin watch range. It has a classy and elegant appearance with rugged aesthetics. The design is crafted to provide maximum comfort.

It comes with a genuine leather band and a slim 7mm thick case. The dial has a minimalistic design, which adds to its finesse and enhances its style quotient. It employs a high-precision Japanese quartz movement and has a quick set date window.

Additionally, it is also coming with a 2-year international warranty. This model has been positioned very well in the mid-range market segment. While standing out as a posh watch, it still is accessible to the public.

Simply described, buying a Sturhurling watch is like owning a piece of art. Because of its style, it complements very well with casual and professional attire. Being lightweight and ultra-slim with a genuine leather band, it is very comfortable to wear.

This model finds the right balance between sleek and striking. A point worth mentioning is that all Stuhrling timepieces include a 2-year warranty. Just think about it, you can own this great timepiece and have peace of mind as there is nothing to worry about for at least 2 years.

The goal of Stuhrling is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and this shows that they are willing to go to great lengths to achieve it. While the Stuhrling watches specifically do not cater to the high-end people, they are not to be considered a poor man’s Rolex.

This model can easily fit into the category of fashion watch as the design stands out. So, if you are looking to own a nice-looking watch and, at the same time, wear it daily, then this watch is sure to satisfy your needs.

Though not exactly a collector’s piece, it still is a stylish model to own and display.

Review 5

5. Citizen Eco-drive Thin Stiletto (Ar3074-54e)

  • Ultra-thin watch to new heights.
  • Great horology build and design.
  • Sapphire crystal dial window.
  • Attractive power of the Citizen Eco-Drive.
  • Highly resistant to scratches.

This model from the famous Citizen brand has taken the ultra-thin watch to new heights. The aesthetics are truly amazing with great horology build and design. It has a black sunray dial with three hand analogy display and has a precise quartz movement.

The hands and hour markers are gold-tone and show that a great amount of work has gone into the detailing. Coming to the case, it is 38mm in diameter with 4.7mm thickness.

The sapphire crystal dial window makes it scratch resistant and enhances its durability. Best of all, it comes with an unbeatable limited five-year warranty.

To list out its specifications: The shape is round, the display type used is Analog, the clasp is Deployment Clasp, and the Dial Window material type is Sapphire. Overall, it is a superb design and with a beautiful, extremely thin case.

It has surpassed all expectations when it comes to its thinness. It feels as if you are wearing an engineering marvel. So, if you want to be the cynosure of all eyes, then this model is perfect for it.

All this and more at a bargain price. What else can anyone wish for at this price? So even though the water resistance is a bit low, yet it makes up for it with its slim and sleek finish.

It is perfect for long sleeves, jackets, etc., as you will not feel its presence under the sleeve. The first impression is about its thinness factor and, at the same time, is highly resistant to scratches.

So best bargain buys when compared to the value achieved in return. So, despite some minor imperfections, it is worth having in one’s collection. It makes for an ideal gift, especially for graduate students and interns.

It will surely be commented upon by the onlookers. That is the attractive power of the Citizen Eco-Drive thin watch. As an icing on the cake, this model is up for grabs at attractive offers from time to time.

Review 6

6. Tissot Tradition 5.5 Brown Leather Strap Watch (T0634091601800)

  • Ultra slim model.
  • Top notch display.
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
  • Elegant, accurate, slim watch with a total value for money.
  • Marvel when it comes to its sleek build.

This is a classy model from the famous Tissot brand. It takes history and tradition seriously while making this ultra-thin model. The specifications are just simply amazing. It comes with a 39mm silver-tone stainless steel case with 5mm thickness.

The dial is white with Roman numeral hour markers and silver-tone alpha-style hands, thereby making the display top-notch. This model’s Power is by a quartz movement, and a sapphire crystal window provides protection.

A noteworthy feature is, of course, the pull/push crown and fixed bezel. The water resistance is provided till 30 meters. To summarize its features, it is a white dial enhanced by silver-tone alpha style hands with a silver-tone stainless steel case attached to a brown leather band.

It has a fixed bezel and is scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The clasp used is a Butterfly clasp with a pull/push crown. The Analog display and Quartz movement are striking features of this model.

Specifications aside, this is the watch you are looking for if you want to own an intelligent timepiece. Its unique features offer a lot of utilities in addition to telling the time.

If you are looking to portray a serious kind of image with a casual side to your personality, you should go for this watch. In short, this model is an Elegant, accurate, slim watch with a total value for money.

So, in the watch market, which is filled with cheap plastic watches, this model makes its presence felt. This model has grown in terms of popularity in the thin watch segment and can be considered a sort of marvel when it comes to its sleek build.

Review 7

7. Mondaine Men’s Swiss Railways Classic Watch (A6603031411sbb)

  • Ingenuity and simplicity.
  • Credit your personality.
  • Swiss quartz movement.
  • Secure by a durable mineral crystal.
  • Intrigue you with its design, craftsmanship, and technology.

The elements of Mondaine are its ingenuity and simplicity. If the name itself is so catchy, then how much more so the watch. The design stays true to its moniker; that is, its robust design gives the impression that a train operator is sure to have it.

It gives precise time and shows off a no-nonsense attitude. So if you are the serious types, who mean business and are a stickler for time and discipline, then this watch is sure to credit your personality.

Its specifications are built around modern aesthetics and have a certain abstract charm and feel to them. Utilizing Swiss quartz movement, it is a 36mm diameter stainless steel case with 8mm thickness.

Of course, the dial is safe and secure by a durable mineral crystal. Its durability makes the wearer give the impression of the hard-working type of men and is sure to grab the attention of one and all.

So not only is the watch going to have an appeal to the serious, well-settled men but also holds a charm to the youngsters who want to show a serious and stable personality.

This watch means business. So, it is worth every penny spent on getting it. Makes for an ideal gift as well to the most loved man in your life.

Why Mondaine? In a nutshell, Mondaine has the internationally revered ‘Swismade’ stamp and enjoys an iconic status. If you are a tech-geek, then this model is sure to intrigue you with its design, craftsmanship, and technology.

You can easily tell the time from a distance as the bold and minimalistic design is striking and prominent.

Review 8

8. Bering Men’s Slim Solar Watch (14440-222)

  • It can run comfortably for 1-2 years.
  • Entry into the ultra-thin category.
  • IP plated Milanese & Stainless steel.
  • Eye-catching design.

Designed in Denmark, basically, any kind of light can be used for charging this awesome watch. Once it is charged, it can run comfortably for 6-12 months. Its tag line is durability and is solely and squarely focused on it.

The black design with a 40mm diameter case and a thickness of only 9mm make it an entry into the ultra-thin category. As the name implies, this model uses solar-powered technology.

The case is made of IP plated medical grade stainless steel, while the strap is made of IP plated Milanese & Stainless steel interwoven into the design. Being made water-resistant, it can withstand quick dips in the water and rain, shower, etc.

However, it cannot be used while snorkeling or diving. So, while making a style statement, it also can be used to raise environmental awareness. Its eye-catching attention is sure to raise a spark of interest.

That small spark can ignite into animated discussions about environmental issues that men would certainly love to talk about. Overall, the Bering Solar watch is a good piece to show off firstly, because it is solar-powered.

Secondly, it has an amazing design and is very lightweight. Lastly, it is a great timekeeper and therefore good value for money. It gives the wearer an impression of being cool and, at the same time, not flashy.

Fits in comfortably with all types of outfits. So, if you want to make a stylish impression and at the same time make society aware of the environmental implications, this watch can be a good starting talking point.

Use it as a base for starting serious discussions on how technology can positively impact the environment.

Review 9

9. Frederique Constant Slimline Plain Index Collection Watch

  • They are famous for slim watches.
  • Showcased a refined & classy watch.
  • Simply amazing and a worthy possession to show off.
  • Honorable mention should also go to its packaging.

As the name suggests, this model is a watch to be in your collection. Frederique Constant has been most famous for its slim watches, and this collection has nailed it. The case is made of gold-tone stainless steel of 18mm and a thickness of 5mm only.

It is attached to a brown leather strap, which effectively complements the gold case and white dial combination. The date display is located at the 3’o clock position and has slim hands and markers. With this model, they have showcased a refined, classy watch.

When it comes to the slim watch category for men, this model has surely taken that finesse to another level. The Display type is Analog, and the clasp is Tang Buckle. An honorable mention should also go to its packaging.

It comes in a terrific box, thereby making it a very giftable item. On the whole, this watch is a perfect model in the slim watches category. It is simply beautiful, especially because the light grey dial changes to a light pearl/champagne color because of its high reflectivity and so catches the light from the gold-tone bezel.

Simply amazing and a worthy possession to show off. So, if you want to show off that you are a gentleman through and through, then it is the watch to possess. Similarly, this model makes for an ideal gift for the gentleman in your life.

Coming from the Frederique Constant brand, which experts and watch lovers appreciate alike, you are sure to get all the praise. Watch aficionados will surely vouch for this brand heartily.

Review 10

10. Fossil Minimalist Quartz Watch

  • Slim minimalistic watch.
  • Quartz movement with an analog dial display.
  • Multifunction watch with a stopwatch functionality.
  • Durable minimalistic watch.

If you are looking for a slim minimalistic watch for everyday wear, then this model is sure to please you. It is a casual watch that is simply perfect for daily use. The beautiful blue dial is very well complimented by the comfortable brown leather strap.

The leather strap silver-toned stainless steel case comes in 42mm size and a thickness of around 9.5mm. Being true to its name, the design is kept minimalistic, yet it remains aesthetic.

Other notable features of this timepiece are that it has the quartz movement with an analog dial display with a mineral crystal window. Being water-resistant up to 50 meters, it is simply convenient when going for short recreational swimming.

However, it is not advisable to wear it during snorkeling or diving. This watch is a multifunction watch with a stopwatch functionality. It employs quartz movement with 3 separate sub eyes for the day, date, and 24-hour time.

The Three-hand quartz movement features a quartz crystal that oscillates when a current is applied to it. This timepiece has mastered the balance of vintage inspiration with modern design.

Coming from the Fossil family, it has creativity and ingenuity spread all over it. Overall, if you are looking for great value for money and at the same time want a durable minimalistic watch, then this model will suit your preferences perfectly.

It fits on to the wrist comfortably and does not slip down like some other watches. Also, as described earlier, the markings sparkle on a sunny day, giving the watch a gorgeous appearance.

Plus, the brown perfectly matches the navy blue, making it an ideal and impressive gift. The pictures do not do much justice to it. The actual watch looks way better classy. It’s a watch worth buying or gifting to someone you love. Well worth the price paid for and is sure to last for a long time to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for the sleek watch, then you are sure to have some questions or doubts before purchasing one. Mentioned below are a few of the clarifications and answers that you might find convincing and satisfactory.

1. When the watch is rated Water-resistant, does it mean it is waterproof?

When a watch is rated water-resistant, it means the watch can be worn while in water, and it can withstand water being splashed. However, such models can withstand the pressure. Since there is only a handful of waterproof watches as it is a niche and limited segment, the water-resistant variety of watches is the industry standard. So, most of the watches can withstand water submersion for a few minutes. However, do not do this intentionally or for an extended period.

2. Will these slim watches be the right ones for Guys with small wrists?

Yes. One advantage these best slim watches have is that they look simply great, even on small wrists. They will not look monstrous. The bands usually come with holes to fit even a small wrist. Where the links are there, these can be removed to fit the wearer comfortably. So, the bands are adjustable. However, it is suggested that even if the self can make the strap adjustments/ changes at home, it is better to get it done at the store for a professional job.

3. What does it mean by Eco-drive?

The Eco-drive means that the watch is powered by solar or artificial light. Usually, if the watch is kept in the sun for about 24 hours, the watch battery is fully charged—however, a word of caution. Please do not leave the watch on the dashboard of a car. That time the temperature can go extremely high, and you may end up damaging the watch. In conventional quartz watches, the batteries must be replaced at regular intervals. The same is not the case with solar-powered watches. The batteries last for a long time.

4. When it comes to the Bering watch, how long does it run on one battery charge? How do we know when it is time to charge the battery?

The answer is if the watch is stored in complete darkness, the watch runs for about 6 months. If you want to increase the battery life, then the watch needs to be exposed to light now and then. Most watches indicate this by moving the second hand in ‘two-second steps’ This usually acts as an indicator that the battery is getting weak and needs to be recharged. In this stage, the watch will run for about 3 days before it drains out completely

5. Last but most important. Is there a refund provided if the product is returned?

Well, yes, most of the items sold will get a refund. However, the products sold are originals, and the utmost care is taken while shipping the products so that there is no damage at all. In such cases, the chances of customers becoming unsatisfactory with the product are very rare.

6. Can these watches be worn on either hand?

Yes, if you are left-handed or right-handed, these slim watches fit in comfortably on either hand. You can do your work without any inconvenience or discomfort as these are lightweight and comfortable, and best suited.

Final Words

The above article just mentions a list of the best slim watches available in the market today. The criteria for being labeled as a slim watch is that it should meet a certain size requirement, such as a case thickness of 9mm or less.

The watches mentioned above are the best in slim watches available today, and they boggle the mind with their slim beauty and features. So, on any given occasion, they can become the subject of the conversation.

Men will surely find it interesting to discuss the horology behind such a slim mechanism and can spend hours talking about the fascination that it holds.

Not only that, but the slim watches also definitely exude an air of class and sophistication and make the wearer a cynosure of all eyes. It will complement any kind of attire.

So, if you are looking for the slim watch that should suit your personality as well as fit into your budget, then you are sure to find one from the above list.

Before you decide on which model to buy, spend a moment to think about what exactly you expect from it. Some prefer it to be rugged and more into looks, whereas others prefer the comfort and fit.

Some want a good battery life and look for durability and stability. As a buyer, think about the budget, the utility, brand preference, and the required features.

Whatever your preferences, you are sure to find one from the above list and so can make an informed decision. These are currently the best in the category and so we hope you will find the one you need.

So, go ahead and own one of these awesome best slim watches and proudly show it off to one and all.

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