Why Are Watches So Expensive? [Ultimate Guide 2020]

What is the watch? Well, such a stupid question right. Like who doesn’t know about a watch nowadays, unless that person has time-traveled from the stone age or is an alien.

Though what is a watch is an utmost unrealistic question, the function of watch cannot be underrated, since it is a very necessary tool which encompasses to calculate the most materialistic fact, the time of our lives!!

Watches constitute a very essential part of our lives. It cannot be wrong to say that it has become a very important companion in executing our day to day life activities to better keep a track of our game.

The history of watches can be traced back to the late 16th century where the first watches that came to being around were the portable-spring-driven clock, which had a very complex mechanism in keeping track of the time.

But we see that just like there is a transition of the human society from then to now, similarly we find such a transformation and the function of the now developed watches which has become very handy, simple to use and carries a lot of perks in it, in addition to displaying its primary function.

We see that with the passing of time from the late centuries to the present modern era, where there is a significant and rapid rise in the fields of science and technology, the watches produced now.

Therefore, comes with the added technicalities and is user-friendly as well in comparison to the primitive type of watches which were rather complex and was not very suitable for every individual to possess a handy manual to keep them updated with their track of time.

We’ve seen that through the due course of time various kinds of watches are being made to better suit the individual’s propriety to further complement their daily basics.

Starting from the clock watch in the early years of its birth to the pocket watch and then sprinting to the wrist, electric, quartz watches and finally landing to the modern-day most convenient type of the watches, i.e the smartwatches, watches have grown and developed a great bunch to facilitate and elevate human needs.

But with the enhancement of the attributes of these attributes of watches which makes it user friendly and most popular among the masses, we also find that there is a significant increase in the purchase of these watches.

There is a load of reasons for the higher prices of these watches, some may be due to its exotic appearance and others may relate due to its advancing features.

Therefore, in this article, we will try to point out the obvious and most basic reasons for the expensive nature or due to the overpriced nature of the watches which happens to make users hesitate to buy them.

So read this article to the end to better know the answers to why the high price of watches are so common in today’s market and is it worth it to buy them with such a hefty price and waste our savings!

Will it ensure our daily necessities or do I need to compromise with it. Stay patient readers, all these questions will be answered. Let’s start!

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Why Are Watches So Expensive? Confused? Read More

Why Are Watches So Expensive?

1) The Vast Inbuilt Features

With the fast-paced advancement of science and technology, we see the use of technology in almost all mundane aspects of life. Similarly is the case of watches as well.

The 21st century has seen the new coming of age of the modern watches with a wide range of faculties adhered to it which adds a hint of magic in the life of its users.

The modern smartwatches with various elements like keeping check of your health, allows you to connect with your loved ones, a go-to buddy for your fitness regime, and many more in addition to keeping a watch on your daily schedule and track of time.

Nowadays we see that the smartwatch is no lesser than a smartphone, which comes with all the credit similar to a phone. Plus, it is a wearable, comfy device that you can carry anywhere, anytime without using your hands.

Nice isn’t it? So if you ever get lost in a jungle and worse, you forget to carry your phone, your handy many watches will save your day by navigating you safely out of your worries.

But, all these features don’t come free of cost, so obviously a reasonable price has to be paid to achieve the benefits of this amazing device.

These in-built features are created with a lot of effort, time, and energy by the workers before successfully launching it out to the public domain.

A bunch of trial and error experiments is meted out to ensure that these devices work properly and are for the best benefits of the respected users. Since a lot of scientific devices have to be used to give a nice touch to the model, hence it is quite acceptable for the rise in price in these kinds of watches.

Sinceminute details have to be kept in mind for even the most basic wristwatch which can probably take over a month’s work, therefore the rise in the price of these watches considering the labor took in making just one of them is completely understandable.

Moreover, top brands like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Omega or even Rolex, or even some smartwatch brands like Apple, Samsung, etc they use such fine products to finish their fruit, with the use of various skilled craftsman and engineers that work tiresomely to develop the only best with zero levels of complaints from their trusted customers and a 100% warranty value.

Therefore, having all these accessory elements in a watch obviously raises the bar in its price value. Therefore, if you want to purchase a good quality watch which suits your personality and values with your work culture and a little compromise with the price shouldn’t be shall a big deal, considering the number of extra features and warranty you’re getting.

2) Import Products

We see that there is an obvious increase in the price of the goods which are imported from other countries. The reason is because of the additional improvement of the cost, taxes, and other fees.

Moreover, the high price of the goods also vastly depends on the country’s economic development which also poses a reason for the imported goods to be very expensive.

Therefore, there is no such surprise as to why the cost of watches is so high, depending on country to country. Also, the country that exports these watches may use extensively high-quality artifacts to attract their abroad audiences so as to make a good amount of profit in the international market.

Moreover, these imported products are very luxurious and are limited in production and number and hence the brand to gain profit out of it raises a high bar to its price value.

Since they are limited in number, therefore they should also be of great quality and should possess outstanding quality both in terms of battery and in-built features and hence a lot of them has to be devoted into its development to come out with outstanding results and hence the high price is very reasonable.

Since imported products are mainly constituted of big brands who have a good hold in the international market, therefore people have a good amount of trust in their products and do not hesitate to buy such expensive products since their products are always supposedly brilliant and specifically designed for the individuals characterized by their professional account, be it a health-conscious group of people or athletes.

Moreover, these products are also endorsed by eminent personalities who are adored and loved by the common audiences and therefore these imported products become very popular among the group of people as they think that since their idols are using them so definitely they are great deals.

Therefore, these brands since they do not pose any loss from their products they, therefore, do not lower their prices but on the contrary further increase their rates with an introduction to new future level attributes made to them to graciously increase their production rate and attract their favored customers who love to have these watches that match their personality and taste and who love to keep themselves updated to the ongoing trend of the world.

Therefore, if you wanna experience the best of the world and give yourself a little taste of the future then you unjust definitely give a try to these watches because I get if you’re gonna ever get disappointed by them, considering the top level of watches they produce to the world audiences that is worth the big money.

3) Mass Production

A report by digital and consumer research firm Strategy Analytics stated that Apple produced a total of 30.7 million Apple Watches in a year which was almost 36% higher than the 22.5 million watches Apple sold in the previous year.

How do you this level of high mass production takes place? Any clue? Well, these top brands who aces in their art of making top-notch watches spend almost a ton of dollars to make this heck load of watches per year.

And the cost of these machines is no joke. All these big guns can cost half of the profit they earn. Plus the thousands of workers that put their sweat and blood to make sure that the quality level of products is manufactured so as to meet the satisfaction levels of their customers.

Various skilled craftsmen and engineers have hired that work almost for months to work on developing new features every day to elevate their brand’s name and fame.

The amount of research, experiments, and techniques they procure to meet the requirements of the new movements of the watches are really commendable, considering the fact that these tasks are very tricky and need an utmost level of precision to get accurate results considering the size of these watches, which are made small for the easy access of their customers.

Moreover, the electricity bills, the space required to carry out such great regimes, and the necessary care is given to the safety and benefit also plays a great role in the overall manufacturer of these goods and lands a great deal of investment for any company.

Therefore, all these factors further enhance the list in the slightly higher rise in the price of these watches which seems to be quite reasonable considering the amount of work needed in manufacturing a whole lot of them.

4) Use Of Various Expensive Elements

Nowadays, watches come in all shapes and sizes and their main role is to be a great “Jarvis to their Tony Stark” for the smooth run in the schedule of the individual’s life.

In maintaining the various attributes to them, many materials have to be incorporated in them some of which tend to be very expensive and not easily available.

The Apple Watch is typically made of stainless steel giving it a very iconic look with a sapphire crystal Retina display and ceramic back. Many top brands often considering adhering their products with a touch of expensive metal on them to give them a lustrous look and a luxurious feel to it.

As these metals are really expensive and so to make up with the profit, therefore, we see a hint of a high rise in the price of these products.

Also, we can see that some of these brands customize their own shades of hues to these metals to forge a unique taste of it so as to pique the interest of its customers with a richness in their products.

5) Packaging

Last but not least, comes the packaging of the final products. Though this is the final process in the manufacturing step of the products we cannot disregard the fact that this is the most important part of marketing.

As it not only protects the goods from the external harmful environment but also helps to portray the attractiveness of the product and promote its suspense and excitement. Good packaging also includes several layers so as to give further room to the product.

Therefore, some companies especially devote more time to create a great packaging perspective to enhance their brand’s name. Therefore, packaging can be seen as one of the factors leading to the increase in the price of the watches.

Thus, we see that the basic reason for the expensiveness of these watches is not necessarily because of only overpriced nature of them but most of them, for example, the luxurious brands who care about the reputation of their brand’s name and try to satisfy their customers with what they have promised and hence devote a lot of time in the development of these watches in a very meticulous manner.


So is it worth wasting our money on these luxurious expensive watches? Well, it’s worth the money once in your lifetime because these top brand companies invest a lot in the process of their manufacturing.

So if you ever wanna buy an expensive watch, I suggest you do thorough research as to what perks it has, the reviews it gets from its buyers, and most importantly does it match you well enough. If yes then what you waiting for, go grab one to enjoy its extravagances.

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